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Why Investing in Your Website Makes Business Sense

D1a Big Beard Web Solutions Why Investing in Your Website Makes Business Sense 1 June 2023

For many business owners, a website is still a relatively new addition to their marketing and promotional strategy. While it’s true that websites have only been around for about 30 years, it has quickly become one of the most important assets any business can have. In fact, many consumers now rely on websites when they’re making purchases, even if they plan to visit your brick-and-mortar store in person! To stay competitive within your industry, you require the type of high-performance website that we here at Big Beard Web Solutions provide. Read on to find a few reasons why investing in a professional online presence makes sense.

The Search for Social Proof

More people are using the internet to read up on product reviews before making a purchase. That’s because customers rely heavily on other customers’ opinions when deciding what to buy, especially online.

If you want your business to grow, then you should make sure your site has positive reviews or testimonials, from people who have used your products and/or services.

Mobile-Friendly a Must

Mobile devices are becoming the primary way that people shop online. Approximately 63% of people start their shopping search online with almost 50% opting for purchases via mobile.

Mobile shopping has become so popular that it’s not just limited to smartphones anymore; tablets are also frequently used by consumers who want to comparison shop. This means that if you don’t have an optimised website design that works well on mobile devices, you could be missing out on potential customers!

People Talk

D1b Big Beard Web Solutions Why Investing in Your Website Makes Business Sense 1 June 2023 Chances are that you’ve had positive reviews sway you into purchasing a product or dealing with a supplier you deemed worthy of your hard-earned cash. Being on the receiving end, as the owner of a website, consider the following nightmare scenarios:

  • Downtime: Your website can be offline and unavailable for a wide variety of reasons and this can cost you dearly in revenue.
  • Reputational Damage: If loss of revenue wasn’t enough, your reputation can also suffer, making it that much harder to convince potential customers of the value of your brand.
  • Poor Customer Service: Poor execution combined with the two points above can also result in the customer having a less than stellar experience.

Fortunately, the above can be remedied with user-friendly design, intuitive development and budget-friendly support services. Done right, your website leaves you free to do the work you love and people free to talk about how amazing your product or service is.

Websites Help You Win

A professional website is an important part of any business’s marketing and promotional strategy. It’s the first touchpoint for many customers, giving them a chance to learn more about your company before they decide to do business with you. A great-looking website also helps create trust in a potential buyer’s mind. Make that site mobile-friendly and you’re already off to a winning start!

A strong online presence can be used as an effective sales tool for both new products and services as well as existing ones. Give your business an edge by adding valuable additions such as newsletters, blog posts or even portfolio pages showcasing your work or products. Pair this with a well-structured social media strategy and you have a formula for success with your website as the foundation.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your business, investing in a professional website is a great way to go. The benefits are many and varied, ranging from increased sales opportunities to better search engine rankings. If you’re still unsure about whether or not this investment would be worth it, then consider the cost of not having one. Do the necessary research and you may find investing in a new website for your business to be one of the best decisions you made this year.

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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