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A range of digital business solutions.

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Website design & development

Big Beard designs and develops professional, user-friendly, and responsive websites that are built to the customer’s specifications using the latest development tools and SEO best practices. Our approach to web development is to identify the key areas in your business and design a solution that automates processes that provides clients with a streamlined and reliable workflow.

Web Design


User First Design Approach (UI)

Responsive Design



Web Development

Custom coded website

WordPress, Joomla & more

Theme Installation & configuration

Theme customisation

Web Offerings

Content management system (CMS)

Landing pages

Web Applications

CV websites

Family websites


Website Loading Speed

Google Analytics

Webmaster Tools

Keyword tracking

Website maintenance & repairs

In order to keep your website functioning, safe, and fast, Big Beard offers maintenance and repairs services to existing websites. This includes website recovery, repairing and updating outdated websites, and enhancing security.

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Platform and plugin updates

Website speed maintenance

Website backups

Online store support: product updates, data imports

SEO maintenance

Website updates


Broken link repairs

Website responsive repairs

Website recovery

Database recovery and restoration

Hack repairs


Security enhancements

Comments and Spam check

Website login security

Blocking unauthorised usage

SSL Certificates

Documentation & Training

Training on website functionality

Training documentation

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Big Beard can assist in creating an active online store for your business. The online store will enable your business to sell your products online, accept online payments, and broaden your customer base. E-commerce sites can be used to sell a variety of products and services. 

E-Commerce Features

Allows unlimited products

Easy to use

SEO Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Beautiful Designs

Online store support & Updates

Online Products

Dynamic Products

Downloadable Products

Product Options

Product Reviews

Product Categories

Payments & Shipping

Shipping Options

Payment Gateways

Online Checkout

Secure Checkout

Customer Accounts

Documentation & Training

Training on E-Commerce functionality

Training documentation


Your website hosting is the foundation on which your online presence is built. It is often a forgotten but critical component of a successful website. At Big Beard we offer holistic packages that will take care of all your hosting needs.

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Domain Registration

Website Hosting

SSL Certificates

Domain redirects

DNS management

Website Speed

Website Analysis


Image Compression

Script Minification

Email Management


Email Account creation

Email Redirects

Spam Security

Extra Features

Fully Managed

High Traffic Ready

E-Commerce Ready

WordPress Experts

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Email Marketing

Big Beard partners with your marketing team to create attractive and responsive email campaigns.  This includes creating, distributing and maintaining bulk mailers systems.  An effective marketing strategy will assist in getting the most out of your website and attracting potential customers to your business.

Email Campaigns

Email newsletter design

Email newsletter development

Email newsletter sends via bulk mailer

Email Newsletter Automation

Email Signatures

Every email can be a marketing opportunity.  Big Beard can help you capitalise on your emails with a custom-designed and developed email signature and/or email banners.

Email Signature Options

Dynamic email signature design and development

Static email signatures

Email banners



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our customers

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Frequently asked questions

What does a website cost?

The cost of a website is dependant on what type of website you need and what the main functionality of the website needs to be. It could Informational, E-commerce, a Blog, or a host of other types. Send us an email with what you want to build and we will give you a cost estimate.

Do I need web hosting?

Every website needs web hosting to store all the files, images and database. Big Beard offers affordable web hosting solutions.

Why is it important to protect my website?

Your website is an investment and just like any investment you want to protect it. Your website files, images, copy, and database are irreplaceable. That's why it is important to have regular backups and proper security on your website. Big Beard offers a variety of Support options. Email or call us and we can start protecting your investment today.

How long does it take to build a website?

The time it takes to design, build and protect your website is dependant on the type of website you need and want, the resources you have available (images, written copy etc.), and the speed at which you get it to us. The timeline can span from one month to six months and longer.