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The Effects of 4 Day Week SA on Our Personal and Professional Lives

Big Beard Web Solutions The Effects of 4 Day Week SA on Our Personal and Professional Lives

Month four and the four-day workweek has already had a remarkable effect on the team here at Big Beard Web Solutions. Adding to the apparent significance, is the appointment of Karen Lowe as Head of Global Partnerships at 4 Day Week Global. Not only is this a historical moment for South Africa, but for our company’s objectives of being at the forefront of South Africa’s Digital Revolution and getting 1000 small businesses online in the next 10 years!

New Results Released

The appointment of a South African in such an important role; during the 4 Day Week SA Pilot no less, is also hot on the heels of the Australasian results. According to the world-changing trial findings, the below is of particular interest:

  • 21 companies rated the overall experience as positive at 8.2/10
  • 38% expressed feeling less stressed
  • 96% of employees conveyed the desire to continue a four-day workweek
  • 54% reported an increase in current and personal workplace efficiency

While the data is from various industries (Professional Services, Construction, Manufacturing, etc.) and regions (Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc.), we can draw certain similarities related to our own ICT (Information and Communications Technology) space.

Mobile devices are becoming the primary way that people shop online. Approximately 63% of people start their shopping search online with almost 50% opting for purchases via mobile.

Mobile shopping has become so popular that it’s not just limited to smartphones anymore; tablets are also frequently used by consumers who want to comparison shop. This means that if you don’t have an optimised website design that works well on mobile devices, you could be missing out on potential customers!

Team Members Weigh In

With a small team operating in a constantly evolving industry, Big Beard Web Solutions has a wide variety of challenges, outside of our geographical location. Regardless, our company which displays all the hallmarks of a scrappy young startup, has a team composed of positively talented individuals. Each responsible for their own divisions comprised of design, development, support and copywriting. Here’s what each of them had to say about their reduced workweek thus far:

“I am able to get my personal things done. More time for appointments/stuff that requires to be done during the week.” Kim Abrahams, Web Developer

“More time for my kids and errand runs.” Nigel Simons, Web Developer

“More time for wife, daughter and personal projects.” David-John Wayne Bailey, Marketing Manager

Even our newest Graphic & Web Designer team member, Naomi Ncube shared her hopes:

“I hope this creates a healthy work-life balance (me-time) hiking, going for a walk, reading a book and to meditate.

While the pros do currently outweigh the cons, our Founder & Managing Director, Nathan L Simons is quick to remind us that, even though the team appears happier; “It forces you into deep thinking about your work. But this is a good thing in the long run.”


As a team and a proudly South African company, we are excited to see what the global movement does in the months, years and decades to come. We are optimistic about the future of work and the international partnerships being built, with a visionary South African woman at the helm. We aim to make full use of this opportunity to reap as yet untapped personal and professional benefits. For ourselves and the generations still to come. Will you be joining us?

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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