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Why Accountability in Business Still Matters

Big Beard Web Solutions Why Accountability in Business Still Matters 19 April 2023

Accountability in business especially, is a word so often used that it’s almost become a cliché. And yet, the concept of accountability remains an important part of daily life. It’s not just a buzzword here at Big Beard Web Solutions and there are many valid reasons for holding employees accountable. This article will help you define accountability to best suit you and your organisation.

Take Some Responsibility

Accountability is a word synonymous with responsibility. It’s a “doing” word that requires daily practice. Accountability is a mindset, culture and a way of life that fosters trust between two or more parties. Fostering trust with your employees is as important as fostering trust with your clients.

Accountability can be defined as taking responsibility for your actions or given tasks. In business, it means that you take ownership of ALL your decisions, good and bad. Some bad decisions are inevitable, but a culture of accountability allows you to be transparent about your shortcomings. Right or wrong, every decision is an educational experience that can be recalled for future benefit.

What Is Accountability?

Accountability is the act or state of being answerable for something. It’s about being responsible for your actions, decisions and mistakes. Accountability is an essential part of any successful organisation and can display the willingness to fix mistakes when they happen. It is also especially important when you’re working with a team.

You can’t grow or improve if you don’t take ownership of your role in a team dynamic. Be willing and able to justify your actions. In turn, this allows other people to trust you with their time and money. Employees and clients are more inclined to listen to the person who holds himself accountable for decisions made.

Fostering an Accountability Culture

Big Beard Web Solutions Why Accountability in Business Still Matters

To create an accountable culture, you have to ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. It also helps to make sure that employees understand the importance of accountability. Without clearly defined responsibilities, it’s easy for individuals to default to irresponsible behaviour.

Establishing trust within your organisation is of paramount importance. It’s important that employees feel comfortable holding each other accountable for their actions. A win for one is a win for all and a clear understanding of roles in the workplace, helps everyone thrive on an even footing. Whether your business is based on a flat leadership structure or not, a strong culture of accountability ensures that everyone is on the same page.


Accountability in business still matters. Whether starting a new role or embarking on a new project, a fair degree of responsibility must be taken. Regardless of whether you’re doing this on your own or in a team, all responsibilities must be clearly outlined. As we have learned in this article, accountability fosters trust which yields an immense boost for company culture. It is also great to have all your team members facing in the same direction to accomplish complimentary objectives. Is your organisation embracing accountability?

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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