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The Damage Lack of Integrity Causes in an Organisation

The lack of integrity in business can lead to dire consequences. Having a workforce that believes in management and leadership is crucial. The trust team members have in you as a leader will be reflected in how they treat clients and each other. Integrity is therefore linked to the moral standards you uphold, speaking directly to confidence and trust.

Honesty as Company Policy

A lack of integrity will result in fellow team members losing trust in the business and therefore not respecting you. When this happens, it is hard for them to be motivated towards achieving company objectives.

For example, if a team member believes that management is dishonest or unethical, they may not be as inspired to fulfil their duties. This lack of motivation can lead to poor productivity levels. A lack of honesty in your business can also lead to high attrition rates.

Loss of Integrity Leads to Loss of Qualified Staff

The Damage Lack of Integrity Causes in an Organisation by Beardem Beardsley

Recruitment is a costly exercise. The process usually includes writing the job description, filtering through CVs, calling candidates and negotiating benefits. In addition to the financial considerations, there is also the time required to source qualified staff. When a business lacks a culture of integrity, it may quickly find itself losing its top performers.

By fostering trust among your team members, you set the positive precedent of also inspiring confidence in your prospective clients. When your team members trust management and the example they set, they are more inclined to remain in an organisation that places a high value on integrity in the workplace.

Added Confidence for Clients

When team members are not happy in their work environment, a company may soon find itself losing clients too. After all, not many people would consider doing business with a dishonest person, much less a company with a reputation of being dishonest. This would result in a loss of market share to more honourable competitors.

Integrity in the workplace has the benefit of not only inspiring staff to do better, but to attract more clients. By selling products and services they believe in, team members can inspire that same confidence in clients looking for your solution to their problem.


Integrity is essential to the growth of your business. If your team members are unable to trust their managers, then there is very little reason for clients to trust your company. A policy of honesty helps staff to do better and builds confidence in your brand. Integrity therefore allows for clear moral standards to be adhered to, which has the added benefit of helping you grow your business.

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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