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Imagination Is a Key Ingredient to Success in the Workplace

Big Beard Web Solutions Imagination is a Key Ingredient to Success in The Workplace

Imagination is a key ingredient to workplace success and has proven to be a driving force behind restructuring the way we work. The nature of work and how it’s done is changing alongside the rapid advances in technology. Yet, creativity and imagination are still important factors when it comes to problem-solving. At Big Beard Web Solutions, imagination is a core value lived on a daily basis. We are constantly reminded that it forms the foundation of ideation and innovation, which may very well apply to your business too.

Imagining the Push for Virtual Workspaces

In an increasingly virtual workplace, it is important to be able to imagine yourself in the role you inhabit. See yourself as an employee adding value, even on projects indirectly related to your job description. This can be especially important when considering remote jobs or jobs with flexible schedules that allow you to work from home.

When I think about a traditional office setting, I often imagine people sitting at their desks all day and interacting with colleagues. The onset of COVID-19 and lockdown has increased employee flexibility when it comes to breaking up the workday. These days, employees have more freedom around when they start and end their shifts. The pandemic has allowed us to reimagine a world where virtual workspaces have become a reality.

Imaginative Problem-Solving

03 Big Beard Web Solutions - Imagination is a Key Ingredient to Success in The WorkplaceNow, more than ever, creativity and imagination have become particularly important when it comes to problem-solving. With various divisions no longer in close physical proximity, the responsibility falls to you to respond accordingly. As an example, your direct superior may not be available to address a critical issue and this then becomes a problem for you to solve. Increasing freedom has also meant more capacity for employees to grow into leadership roles.

Many argue that one of the most important duties of a leader is to create more leaders. In remote and hybrid work settings, this may prove more challenging than before. Most human beings thrive on physical interaction and this may be a challenge for many. Again, creative solutions exist for managers to not only hold regular virtual check-ins, but also to provide promising employees with the tools to execute imaginative alternatives.

The Difference Between a Good Idea and a Great One

A good idea is one that solves a problem in an effective way, while a great one solves it in an innovative and unexpected way. A good idea may not always offer the best, but it can still have merit as long as it’s executed well. Creativity and a fair degree of imagination inevitably help to bridge the gap in making it so.

However, even if something has never been done before, it may not necessarily be successful at solving any problems at all! Great ideas therefore require imaginative solutions that are built upon over time. Think of it as receiving compound interest on an investment, where you finally get to reap massive benefits and a healthy return.


I hope this article has given you some insight into how imagination can help you succeed in the workplace. More of us are now working from home, more than at any point in human history. This took a leap of faith and a healthy application of imagination to bring it into reality. Problems still exist and innovative new solutions are required to address them. Good to great happens when incremental changes are applied. I would love to hear how you recently used imagination to solve a particularly complex problem.

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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