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FlashBlackFriday Blog Series presents
The Dark Origin of Black Friday

FlashBlackFriday Blog Series presents Build Anticipation, Make Exclusive Offers and Craft Referral-Based Discounts for Black Friday

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Is your business ready for Black Friday? If your answer is no or “We don’t care much for rampant consumerism!”, consider the following:

FNB processed over R2 billion in transactions on Black Friday last year with payment gateway, PayFast, seeing an increase of 30%.

At Big Beard Web Solutions we don’t care much for “rampant consumerism” either but are always looking for ways to add value for our clients. Which is why we put together a few strategies you can apply over the next few days.

 Hype It Up

While the entire marketing appeal of the holiday season may appear Machiavellian in nature, we are not suggesting you follow suit. Scarcity and urgency are some of the most powerful psychological triggers that prompt a purchase, but there are other ways.

Create a piece of teaser content and use it in a quick little pre-sale campaign. Who remembers the minimalist marketing campaign from the late 1990s, that prompted the question:

 “What is the Matrix?”

That one question drove many to reach for their computer keyboards and the anticipation sparked the beginning of one of the greatest film franchises in history. We design, develop and offer support services for websites, so give us a shout iif you require an assist. Who knows, yours could be one of the most visited on Black Friday.

 Offers and Discounts

Most shoppers enjoy exclusive offers and some will even take you up on your referral-based discount campaign. Not sure where to launch, why not get the team at Shopping Feeder to help your e-commerce store gain:

 “…more reach, better inventory management, improved decision-making and ultimately, more conversions and value for your business.”

Scarcity helps inspire action by creating urgency. Gamify the experience by allowing clients to invite their friends with a well-placed referral bonus. Something like a mailer keeps costs low, delivers targeted messaging and drives revenue. We can help with that.


As you may have noticed, it’s more than just throwing sales-related jargon around. The priority is to add value. Savvy shoppers will notice the moment you don’t.

We expect 2022 to be one for the record books. A great time to revisit your current e-commerce strategy. Even if you decide to skip Black Friday this year, we can always help build your dream of running a high-performance website in time for the next one.

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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