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FlashBlackFriday Blog Series presents
The Dark Origin of Black Friday

FlashBlackFriday Blog Series presents 4 Black Friday Marketing Tips

Hindsight is a powerful tool that can be used to predict future outcomes. Since South Africa now has a few Black Friday events under its belt, much can be learned from the days that came before.

Our Big Beard Web Solutions FlashBlackFriday Blog Series exists to give you a retrospective on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Since local retail giants have already started promoting their deals, here are a few tips for your online store to get a piece of that action!

1.Urgency Sells

Words matter. Words that inspire immediate action matter more. Correctly conveyed in your website copy, scarcity and urgency generate a stronger call to action (CTA).

Phrases like “limited-time discounts” and “exclusive access” captures attention and can help set your efforts apart from all the clutter. Do ensure that your Black Friday deals are substantial enough to be considered by your potential buyer though.

2.Optimise for Google Search

Keyword stuffing is still frowned upon but do float a few around on your website. You’ll want to do this on your social media platforms too. The goal is to have all interactions lead back to your website.

Your website is your piece of prime real estate on the internet. The more hits received, the better your chances of climbing up to that illustrious spot in the Google rankings.

3.Offer Deals to Existing Clients

Loyalty is a sacred commodity. Your website may be new, but it only exists because of the support of old customers. Black Friday is a great time to build up these connections again.

Find the reason clients chose you in the first place and this will help you retain them. Make those retainer clients an offer they can’t refuse. Adding value must always be the goal.

4.Kindly Follow Up

An often-annoying sales tactic yes, but well worth implementing. Consider this insight:


Follow the above Black Friday marketing tips and you’ll be in a better position for the 25th of November. Remember, South African shoppers are starting to grow accustomed to online shopping. Yes, we still flock to our favourite malls, but a great deal of business is taking place digitally. Your website is the cornerstone of all your marketing endeavours. All the best and if you require some help enhancing yours, we’d be happy to help!

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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