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Call Big Beard to Come Up With Solutions for Your Website (Part 2 of 2)

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At Big Beard Web Solutions we believe in creating high-performance websites to give your brand the best shot at online success. In our previous article we explained how, like a beard protects a face, our websites protect your brand.

What other similarities exist between beards and websites? Also, can it help you spread some added festive cheer? Glad you asked. Let’s dive right in!

Beards Prevent Viral Attacks

Harmful bacteria tend to enter through the tiniest breaks in the skin. When you shave and accidentally cut yourself, you open up these portals allowing all kinds of nastiness to enter your body.

Keeping a beard prevents these bacteria from ever having the chance of entering your body. In addition, beards keep your pores closed and prevents any harmful germs from entering there too. Now consider this scary fact:

A new year brings new cyber threats. According to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team, over 34 million new malware samples have already been discovered year-to-date.

Our high-performance websites are purposely built to protect your important data. In the age of information, the protection of your unique intellectual property is of crucial importance and at Big Beard Web Solutions we place a high premium on the peace of mind it gives our clients. We acknowledge that identity theft during the festive season would dampen anyone’s festive cheer.

Beards Enhance Visual Appeal

Beards have been linked to inspiring a sense of strength and making one appear more attractive. There is some actual science to back this up.

No one wants to visit a clunky, old website that does not even offer responsive design for mobile. We can help with that. Black Friday may be over, but consumers are still looking to do some Christmas shopping. Your online presence has to look visually appealing. Like a beard that enhances the aesthetic value of your facial features, our web design services can give your website a new lease on life. The question remains though: How often should you redesign your website?

71% of marketing leaders report that they redesign their websites every one-to-three years.


This concludes our comprehensive report of some of the traits beards share with websites. To recap, beards prevent you from getting sick and make you prettier. We do that for your website. Happy holidays!

At Big Beard Web Solutions we combine our passion for beards, high-performance websites and exceeding client expectations. We focus on every aspect of your online journey, from web design and development to support and copywriting services. All towards the goal of making your online presence… Bigger. Beardlier. Best.

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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Legend has it that the beards of prehistoric humans were so thick and rich, that they could cushion blows to the face! Which is why at Big Beard Web Solutions, we fortify your website by putting a beard on it. Get in touch to make your online presence Bigger. Beardlier. Best.