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Call Big Beard to Come Up With Solutions for Your Website (Part 1 of 2)

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At Big Beard Web Solutions we “fortify your website by putting a beard on it!” But how does that work exactly? Also, what do websites and beards have in common?

Glad you asked and it’s not just because we’re pogonophiles either. That being said, happy to share the many similarities websites have with the naturally occurring fur usually found on the face of a male.

 Beards Protect

In addition to making a notable fashion statement, there are numerous health benefits to growing a beard. Harmful UV rays from the sun cause skin damage and the face is highly susceptible, beards act as a barrier:

 “Even though some UV rays get through, there is some scattering of the light and that’s how it helps protect against sun damage.” Dave Harvey, M.D., dermatologist at Piedmont.

We provide similar protection with our high-performance websites. In the last two years alone, 80% of South African businesses have fallen prey to cybersecurity attacks. Like a beard that protects your face, our websites protect the face of your company.

 Beards Inspire Trust

Beards have the power to transform even the most boyish-looking visage into a grizzled, salt of the earth, lumberjack. Think about how this effect can add value to your brand:

 In 2020, Dr. Sarah Mittal, assistant professor of marketing found that beards are especially useful to those working in advice-giving roles.

Fancy yourself a thought leader? Is your business on the cutting edge? Increase your credibility by redesigning your website to reflect this. We have already done this for more than 200 satisfied clients.


A fortified website protects your brand and inspires trust. This is a crucial point to consider with today’s strict data protection protocols. It is as applicable to startups as it is to businesses that have been around for decades.

At Big Beard Web Solutions we combine our passion for beards, high-performance websites and exceeding client expectations. We focus on every aspect of your online journey, from web design and development to support and copywriting services. All towards the goal of making your online presence… Bigger. Beardlier. Best.

Author: Beardem Beardsley

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Legend has it that the beards of prehistoric humans were so thick and rich, that they could cushion blows to the face! Which is why at Big Beard Web Solutions, we fortify your website by putting a beard on it. Get in touch to make your online presence Bigger. Beardlier. Best.